Teaching Resources

Teaching Resources

While a lot of my worksheets need work and are by no means the best things ever, they can provide a good base for other people to improve upon.

Relative Pronoun Riddles: Practicing using the grammar: This is a person/thing who/that/which…..

Find Someone Who: A quick warmup game where students have to collect signatures from other students by asking simple questions.

International School Worksheet  A lesson combining introductions and speaking about school.  Students pretend to be international students at a school mixer.

International Student Cards

Halloween- Taboo Cards

2 Lang Bingo: A BINGO game using Japanese and English.  Students fill in the Japanese section with words they choose from their vocabulary list.  The teacher then calls out the English word.  The students must pair the two (instead of crossing them out or putting a marker of some kind on the square.)

Halloween Missions A Halloween day lesson with a bit of a twist.  Student must complete small worksheets as a team in a race.

Jeopardy Powerpoint

Music Based Worksheets:

Frozen Fill in The Blanks

Good Time Blanks

I Won’t Give Up

Love Story

I’ll Make a Man Out of You


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