Back to Miyazaki

On the last day of Golden Week, I woke up at the same time I had been waking up every day, despite my best efforts.  My flight wasn’t until 1:45 and Chubu Airport is not one in which you want to hang out past security longer than absolutely necessary, from what I could remember.  When Jen and I had flown out of the airport four years prior, we were desperately hungry and bored for however long we spent waiting.  This was made even worse by the fact that you can see the international terminal from the domestic one and the international terminal had Starbucks.

That morning I tried to kill time as long as I could, but there was only so much I could do in my slightly-bigger-than-the-bed-itself hotel room.  Eventually I caved and went downstairs to checkout before hauling my bag and self to the nearby Starbucks.  Because at Starbucks I would still be killing time, but with coffee.  Despite drinking my drink as slowly as possible, I still eventually finished it and decided to just go to the airport.

It ended up being a good thing that I did go early because the trains were a little tricky.  Eventually I made it to the airport.  Outside of security there’s more to do and eat than inside, so I went to find a luggage locker to drop my stuff off so I could explore.  When I saw that lockers not only cost 600 yen, but also required actual coins instead of my super handy train pass that I can use for just about everything, I decided against it.  Instead, I just buckled the incredibly flattering waist-belt thing on my backpack to take pressure off my shoulders and soldiered on.

I grabbed some chicken wings and fried chicken for lunch as anything else required too long of a line.  When I figured I had done as much as I could do outside of security, I went through.  Last time I went through security at Chubu Airport, my bag got searched due to a small Hot Wheels car that I always have with me when I travel.  I don’t know if I have explained the car before, but to summarize: When I was little my aunt gave me a Hot Wheels car.  I decided that since I had no “lucky” things (like a lucky hat or socks) that this car would be lucky.  From that point on, I had it with me every time I traveled.  When I got older and was headed to Costa Rica, I decided to leave the car at home because it wasn’t really lucky anyway, it was just something I had made up.

Then our flight got delayed twice, then ultimately cancelled.  There’s a picture of my friend looking very upset with me because he knew about the car and knew I didn’t bring it, thus blaming me.  In the end we had to transfer to another airport and get a flight there.  Since then, I’ve always had the car with me when I travel, so I was a little worried I would get stopped again.  Thankfully, there were no problems.  Security asked to check my water bottle, which they always do, but as soon as they saw it was still sealed I was sent right through.

The airport hasn’t changed much in the past few years, but they have added a really nice cafe in the domestic terminal.  Every piece of furniture had an outlet built into it.  That table?  Outlet.  That lamp? Outlet.  That art piece you thought was just for decoration?  Outlet.  I found a comfy chair, had a snack, and watched some shows on my iPad for a few hours.  When flying to Miyazaki, nine times out of ten, I’m going to end up in the bus terminal of the airport.  The part of the terminal where you load a bus to take you across the tarmac to your airplane that is too small to hook up to the jet bridge/ small enough to make you slightly concerned for your safety when you notice a few people have particularly heavy looking pieces of carry-on luggage.  The terminal is also a) downstairs, b) devoid of any shops, and c) devoid of any kind of interesting view.  It’s better to leave going down there to the last minute if it can be avoided.  The only benefit is that it’s like to be d) devoid of any people as well, which means you’re guaranteed a seat in an otherwise crowded airport.

The flight was uneventful and I even made an early train home than I was planning on taking.  A short taxi ride and I was home.  Thanks to Past Jodi’s foresight, I even had some food frozen and waiting for me so I wouldn’t have to leave the apartment.  I even managed to get unpacked completely before letting myself sleep.


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