Flying to Kanagawa

After the school field trip, I was exhausted, but my day was nowhere near being done yet.  I grabbed a taxi from the taxi stand near my apartment and headed to the train station.  From there, I had an hour-long ride to the airport.  I was a little worried that the airport would be crowded because of Golden Week, but I forgot that Miyazaki Airport’s “crowded” is still better than most airports on an average day.  If I had been checking luggage, I am sure I would have noticed more people traveling, but as it was I just breezed through security as per usual and camped out in the café area of the terminal.

The flight to Tokyo was big enough that I did not worry about finding overhead space for my backpack.  However, the flight was full, so that was a little unexpected.  I had to hike through Haneda, but after that the night went mostly smoothly.  (I swear, the only airport I have been to where it takes longer to get from gate to baggage is Denver.  I am sure when I landed in Denver Airport, I started in a different state from when I finally reached my luggage.)

The train station was clearly marked and I only had to go one station anyway.  Once I got to the station, however, it was a little difficult to find my hotel.  Checking in was not great and the hotel overall was not somewhere I want to stay again.  The man checking me in was rather rude and I ended up on the noisy first floor.  Other than the fact that the room was nicely arranged, I regret wasting my money on that hotel.  I could have found something much better.

Thankfully, though, that is not where I spent most my trip.  I took a shower to get the smell and feel of travel off of me, had a dinner of some Easy-Mac I had packed, fell asleep around midnight.


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