Dinner with the Yamaguchis

Sometime last year, Lindsay (mostly Lindsay) and I (very little effort on my part) started planning a dinner with our teachers.  She and I both happen to have English teachers who are part of the married couple, the Yamaguchis.  She works with Mrs. and I work with Mr.  We often discuss the differences between the two because they have very different personalities and work styles.

Finally we were able to nail down a date that worked for everyone, including John and Mayaka who teach with the Yamaguchis’ friends (whose last name I have unfortunately forgotten).  We all cooked something to bring.  I went with my old standby of chocolate cookie dough truffles and I decided to bring some cauliflower rice as well.  I knew they would both be very different for the Japanese people attending the dinner, so bringing them was kind of a risk, but I figured it would not hurt to try.

Lindsay picked me up and we drove to Nobeoka where the Yamaguchi’s live.  They have a beautiful fairly new house on a nearly impossible to find road.  Eventually, though, we figured it out.

Dinner was great.  Mr. Yamaguchi is an expert fish-cutter and chef.  He and I have a running joke because he claims that cutting fish counts as a hobby, separate from fishing.  I disagree.  Regardless of how one classifies it, the fish were beautifully cut and delicious.  The conversation was mostly in English and involved a lot of laughing.  We played a bit with the kids and eventually called it a night around 10pm (because some people had to work the next day, but Mr. Yamaguchi and I did not).

Almost as soon as we got to the car, Lindsay said, “You can sleep on the way back.”  My early bedtime is infamous, but I had done a very good job of staying awake.  Normally by 9:30 my eyes get all squinty as I struggle to keep them open.  (I do want to defend this, though.  I wake up around 5 most days, with or without my alarm, so it makes sense that I start getting tired so early.)  After stopping for gas on the way back, we were back in Hyuga around 11.


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