Tampa Time

After the cruise we had a few days in Florida before my mom, dad, and I headed to my hometown.  On one of the days, while my dad was go-karting with my uncle, my aunt showed my mom and I around downtown Tampa.  Downtown Tampa is really interesting.  It feels pretty small to me, as far as downtowns go, but there is a lot of interesting and modern stuff packed into the small space.  First, my aunt lives in a cool apartment that is right across from the river and within walking distance of all kinds of interesting places.  Secondly, there is a huge variety of restaurants in the area.  (Though not many that are open on the day before Christmas, as we would soon learn.)

I snapped some cool pictures on our tour and more than hit my daily step goal.

One of the most interesting parts of downtown Tampa is probably the bay.  We saw water taxis, paddleboarders, and yachts all sharing the space.  And during Gasparilla in late January/ early February, the bay is (to roughly quote my aunt), “So full of boats you can barely see the water.”  She described Gasparilla as Mardi Gras, but with pirates.  So that means beads, parades, and a decent amount of drinking.  I hope that one day I can attend.  It seems like all the fun of Talk Like a Pirate Day, but cranked up several thousand levels.


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