Cultural Festival, Day 2

The second day of the culture festival is always my favorite.  For the first half of the second day, there is a market set up throughout the school.  The market mostly takes place in the parking lot where the second years have their stalls set up, but there are of activities to see throughout the campus.

Each grade has something they compete in as a homeroom.  For the first years, this year each homeroom made some cool cut-paper art.  The best theme and execution won a prize.  Like last year, my friend/co-worker who sits next to me, Chihiro, pulled an incredibly Japanese, “Jodi, you know how you’re so good at crafts and have such great fine motor skills?  Well, I’ve been so busy lately…” And that’s the story of how I ended up doing her paper cutting piece for her as well as my own, which was an afterthought.  Four years at this school and still no one thinks to involve me in this kind of thing.  I have to know that it’s happening, ask to be involved, and watch their surprised faces when they realize, “Oh yeah, she likes to be involved, doesn’t she?”

Anyway, the cool cut-paper art was hung up outside of the first years’ homerooms, creating a nice gallery.

The second years compete with little stalls.  Each homeroom divides into two teams and choose something to sell.  It can be anything.  The home-ec track students normally sell some handmade things they’ve made throughout the year.  This year, the most interesting stall was the Car-Fe.  One of the teams worked with a local car dealership and brought in some cars offered at a huge discount.  I don’t think anyone bought a car on the spot, but it was definitely different.

The home-ec students in the childcare sub-track have a kids play area in the library.  This year it had a Halloween theme.  The students make everything in the play area, from the games to the toys.

Throughout this period the rock band members are performing in the gym.


The nurses had a booth with some interesting projects that student in what I think are the elective health course made.  One of the projects was seeing if you were weak or strong against alcohol.  This test involved putting alcohol on a bandage, sticking the bandage on your arm, and waiting for ten minutes.  If you developed a red-spot when you took off the bandage, you were pretty weak when it comes to alcohol.  If there’s no mark, drink away!

dsc06528 dsc06529

When the bandaid came off, the nurse and I searched in vain for a red mark or something on my skin.  She kept pointing to spots where my skin changes color slightly and I had to assure her that no, that’s just what my skin does.  I think I had more of a reaction to the adhesive on the bandaid than the alcohol, honestly.

The nurse had also made a cute and easy to understand poster about germs.

The germ (the black thing) velcros to the poster. The string, when taut, shows you how far germs can travel when you cough or sneeze.

The germ (the black thing) velcros to the poster. The string, when taut, shows you how far germs can travel when you cough or sneeze.

In the afternoon are the performances.  The third years compete in skits that normally involve some sort of song component and getting all nostalgic about their time in high school.

Though there was no afterparty this time, I had a great day.  Even after four years of basically the same events, they still have their unique and interesting moments.


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