Murder Mystery

A few months ago, one of the other members of the MAJET board (I think it was Aurian, but I’m not 100% sure) had the great idea to do a murder mystery party as our late October event.  After doing some research, we all agreed on the best kit, despite it being a little bit pricey.  Fun fact: most murder mysteries are not made for groups of more than 20.  If you want a huge group where everyone has some sort of active role, you’re going to have to shell out the money for it.  The kit we ended up buying not only had roles for almost all of our guests, but each guest had their own mini-objectives to complete during the night, aside from solving the murder(s).  All of this helped the participants roleplay and really get into their characters.

Unfortunately for me, acting is rarely my forte.  I thought by agreeing to MC the event, I could get out of the whole character/ acting part.  I was wrong.  Still, the character I did choose gave me a reason to stay out of a lot of the internal politics that were going on.  The story was that a millionaire had been murdered.  All his friends and family were gathered for the reading of the will and also, hopefully, to figure out what had happened to this man.  During the course of the evening another murder took place; this time it was one of the guests.  The goal was to find out who had killed both the victims, as both murders were likely committed by the same person.

Throughout the night I made announcements, helped check people in, and just generally helped the game run.  Thankfully I had Cassie backing me up.  Without her, the night would not have gone as smoothly as it did.  Everyone really played their parts well and seemed to be having a good time.  I wasn’t having fun, but I was feeling that sense of pride you get when an event is going well.  Unfortunately, I had an asthma/allergic/ random doom cough attack and had to retreat to an empty room for a while.  It’s been so long since I’ve needed to use my inhaler that I forgot to check for it before Andy and I drove the 3ish hours down south to where the party was being held.

Photo Credit: Cassie/ MAJET

I ended up slowly drinking water and tea, which eventually calmed my lungs down enough that I was able to finish up my role for the night.  The community center where we were staying was old, dusty, and pretty creepy.  These attributes made it the perfect place for a murder mystery, but not great for an allergic, asthmatic, young woman.  Thankfully, Michael ended up stopping by and saving the day by letting me crash at his apartment instead.  Despite how late it was (I managed to stay up until 2 am that night!), Michael and I played Mario Party on his Wii for several hours before my eyes refused to stay open.  We took a brief gaming intermission to sleep for a few hours, then resumed our gaming in the morning when Andy picked me up.  I honestly had a lot more fun playing games with Michael than at the actual event, but the guests all seemed to be having a good time, which is really more of the point.


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