To Osaka and Beyond, Part 4

On the fourth day, I didn’t have to leave until the afternoon, so in the morning I finally got to meet Aya’s mom!  Despite staying with them for almost three days, I somehow had not had a chance to meet her.  I was a little nervous more nervous than normal about making a good first impression because of how kind Aya always is to me.  The three of us had a lovely breakfast together.  Aya’s mom and I started talking about Pokemon Go and from there our plan for the morning took shape.  After Aya’s mom discovered I didn’t have a Pikachu yet, she decided that we needed to take a trip to one of the lakeside park areas.  For all the problems that game has called, it has been really great for me.

We had a lovely Poke-walk and I got quite few nice pictures with my phone.  I can’t wait to go back with my camera sometime soon.

After that Aya took me to the train station.  I hugged her goodbye and headed on my way.  It took me a few transfers, but I made it to the airport eventually.  Since I had a few hours to kill, I headed into the main terminal and wandered around for a bit.  When I ran out of things to do there, I headed over to Peach’s terminal.

While I was waiting at the airport, I kept nervously looking out the windows.  I knew a typhoon was headed towards Miyazaki, so I kept expecting to hear that my flight was cancelled.  I had backup plans and backup plans for my backup plans if that happened.  Thankfully, the plane flew and landed with no problems and minimal turbulence.

The problems only started once we touched down.  Since we were in a small plane, we had to deplane onto the tarmac.  We then all scurried as fast as we could into the airport while being pelted with rain and wind.  I hurried through the airport, unsure what train I could get on, but hoping that the trains were still running.  I was in luck, they were, though they were slightly delayed.  I don’t normally like to take the local to Hyuga from the airport because it ends up being two hours instead of one, it was probably the last train leaving the station and I couldn’t afford to be picky.

We had to stop for a few minutes longer than normal at each station, but we were making steady progress north.  After about an hour and a half, we had made it halfway to Kawaminami Station.  We stopped and were told we would be delayed for a few more minutes.

Then we heard another announcement that it would be a little longer.

Then another announcement.

And another one.

Three hours later, I was starving and exhausted.  And still stuck in the same seat in the same train.

It was pouring outside by the time they finally herded us off of the train, through the tiny station, and onto busses.  That short dash left me soaked and shivering for the next hour and half on the bus.

I rarely get worried during typhoons anymore, but when I saw that the streets had turned into rivers and there were actual waves in these new rivers, I got a little nervous.  During the bus ride, one of the teens who was stuck on the bus with me started asking everyone around me (but not me) if they had a battery pack he could use to charge his phone.  When no one did, I reached into my backpack, pulled out my battery, plugged in my iPhone cable, and handed it over without a word.

It took him a few moments for him to process, but he finally took it with a formal thank you.

Finally, we reached Hyuga train station.  Right as we pulled up, the two taxis I could see drove off.  That left me to make another dash to the breezeway and to the other side of the station.  Thankfully there was a single cab was left.

Nearly six hours after I left the airport, I finally made it home.  I showered, filled up my bathtub just in case, and nearly collapsed on my bed.

But my adventure was far from over.


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