Another Crazy Saturday

Lately it seems that my weekends have two speeds: fuller than previously thought possible and more barren than the Sahara after a drought.  This past weekend was another one of the crazy ones.  I always like the busy weekends more than the empty ones, but appriciate the empty ones every so often.

8am Walk to the train station.

9:15 am Arrive at Miyazaki Station, wander around playing Pokemon Go while waiting to be picked up.

10am-2pm MAJET meeting at one of the members’ apartments.  Our meeting was only the first two hours, but the second half was spent taking care of the gifts for this year’s leavers.

2pm-4pm Calligraphy and tea ceremony event.  I was invited to this at the last minute and had to do some major schedule shuffling to attend, but it sounded like fun.  Besides, I have to jump on any opportunity to interact with the local community and possibly establish some connections for future events.

There ended up only being one other person besides the teachers, but I promised to help them promote the events in the future.

One of my favorite parts of the Japanese tea ceremony are the sweets.  Not only because they are delicious, but also because the sweets are seasonal and each have different meanings.

I love traditional Japanese sweets.  Ogashi (like the blue one) are some of my favorites.

I love traditional Japanese sweets. Ogashi (like the blue one) are some of my favorites.

This time there were hydrangeas, moons with stars, hopeful rainbows, (something yellow suspended in water.  Maybe an egg?) and fireflies in the grass.  I really hope that one day I can attend a class on how to make these.

4:30pm-7:30ish Japanese lesson.

I had my first in-person Japanese lesson with a teacher I have been working with for at least four months now.  It was really nice to meet her in person and it was a lot easier for me to stay focused in person, vs our normal Skype lessons.

From there I was supposed to grab a train south, arrive in Nichinan around 9:00, and go to a game night.  Unfortunately, I realized that I would have to leave at 11:00 at latest and it wasn’t worth it.  So, exhausted but happy, I headed back to Hyuga and walked home.


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