Super Saturday

I had another one of my infamously famously crazy weekends.  First, I went to the beach with Chris and Chris.  Chris brought along his surfboard in hopes of finding a spot with decent waves.  We ended up just going back to the same place we found the previous week, despite the small surf.

At least it's pretty.

At least it’s pretty.


I was determined to stay burn free, so in preparation for the morning at the beach, I put my sunscreen on ahead of time to give it time to soak in.  I was as thorough as I could be, but I now realize that I should have worn one of my sunshirts instead.  They are much more effective at blocking the sun, even though I was hoping to get at least a little color.  While in the ocean, I borrowed Chris’ board and started messing around on the teeny, tiny, training waves.  I managed to catch a few of the mini-waves and get on my hands and knees on the board.  I even managed to get my feet under me a few times, but I was never confident enough to stand up.  Still, for my first time, I think I did pretty well.


After nearly 3 straight hours in the ocean (I only got out to get water twice), I had plenty of color.  Just not the color I was going for.  Except, at this point I had no idea that I had gotten such a bad burn.  Nothing stung, and, apart from my salt-chapped lips, nothing even felt mildly bad.  My cold even felt better.

The three of us went straight from the beach to get lunch at the conveyor belt sushi place and then the Chrises dropped me off at my taiko performance.  At no point during this time did I walk past a mirror.  I got changed, did the first set of the performance, and then got back to the rest room we were given to relax in between sets.

I sat down on the tatami floor and suddenly felt my eyes slipping shut.  I couldn’t fathom why I was incredibly tired.  I hadn’t actually exerted myself that much in the ocean.  Right?  Still, I dozed off and finally woke up before the next set.


It wasn’t until after I got home, showered, and went to put on my dress that I noticed the bright white X on my back, surrounded by lobster-esque skin.  I had to do a quick wardrobe change and get ready for the Chrises to pick me up again.  The three of us drove to Nobeoka where Chris was having his birthday dinner at the Indian restaurant there.  Altogether, over 15 of us showed up to help Chris celebrate.  Afterwards, most people headed to karaoke, but Makaya took me to the train station and I headed home.



It was a great day, but I had an early morning planned, so I was more than ready for sleep.


One thought on “Super Saturday

  1. Sounds like a fun day! Just thought that this post needed a comment. Haven’t seen you in a while…come over and visit, have a read, leave a comment or two if you can!

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