I’m Alive and Safe

I’m sure most people have heard about the awful earthquakes that have been hitting my area recently.  There were three large ones and there is talk that these are not actually the mainshocks, but foreshocks for the big earthquake they have been predicting for years.  The Nankai quake is predicted to take place off the east coast of Kyushu and trigger a devastating earthquake/tsunami that is supposed to make the Tohoku disaster look like nothing.

I don’t know if that’s true, but that earthquake and tsunami is a fear and anxiety producer that has been living in the back of my head ever since I moved here.  However, most days I just forget about it and get on with my life.  But every time we have a 5+ earthquake, all that fear moves to the forefront of my mind.

I have had my emergency pack packed since about two months after I moved here.

DSC03382 copy

Though I update it from time to time, it’s mostly stayed the same.  I should put a copy of my passport in there.  I’ll probably take care of that at work tomorrow.

As for what’s going on at the moment: three major earthquakes took place between 9pm Thursday night and 1am Saturday morning.  Between and since those earthquakes have been minor to major aftershocks.  Thankfully, most of the aftershocks have not been above a 3 in Hyuga.  It is really strange/ amazing how quickly one gets used to the nearly constant vibrations.  “Oh, is that another aftershock or is a large truck passing by?  Oh, aftershock.  Okey dokey on with life.”

I slept through most of them last night and was able to get about 8 hours.  Though, between Thursday-Saturday I had about 5 hours of sleep total, so I have some sleep debt to work through.

Overall, I am safe, sound, and unharmed.  My apartment is in normal operating condition and with any luck the supermarket will be fairly well stocked when I go in a few minutes.  Other than extra anxiety and less sleep, life hasn’t really changed much in the past few days.







3 thoughts on “I’m Alive and Safe

  1. Good to hear that you are safe. The news about the quakes in Kyushu are terrifying!
    Great that you have your emergency kit ready. It reminded me, that we still don’t have one, even though we’ve been here for a year. Somehow we always put it off but I will definitely change that as soon as possible.
    I don’t think it would help to worry about “the big one,” that is supposed to come, on a daily basis, but it is a good idea to be prepared.

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