Hokkaido, Day 3

Since we had already seen all of the festival, a few of us went to Sapporo Station to do some shopping.  I mainly wanted to go because I try to stop in the Pokemon Store wherever I am.  However, I was so disappointed by the store, I managed to avoid buying anything.

Afterwards, we all went back to the hotel to drop our things.  Some people headed back to the festival to get food, but I stayed behind.  Two days of lots of walking in my boots made my ankle ache pretty badly.  I rested for a bit before I headed out to do some Ingress (the portal game I play on my phone) missions.  I ended up at another large park, one that was practically empty.  I frolicked through the snow there for probably two hours before I realized I was wet and hungry, so it was probably time to go back.

At the hotel I met up with Chris and we headed to Sapporo Tower.  We thought the plan was to meet up with people there, but apparently plans changed.  Regardless, the view from the top was nice.  After that we wandered around the park a bit, watching the snowboarders and the projection mapping display before we went our separate ways again.


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