Birthday Trip: Day Two

I woke up the next morning to a great view from my room.


I had a quick breakfast at my favorite cafe in the station before heading over to Universal City Station to meet with Andy.  I had gotten a special birthday ticket for the day.  The only real benefit to the ticket was a slight discount, but I also got a birthday face sticker.  All the staff wished me a happy birthday when they saw the sticker, which fulfilled the need that had not been fulfilled the previous day.

After a long day at the park, we checked out a few of the stores in the CityWalk before heading back to the hotel.  We took about an hour to relax and watch cartoons before heading out for dinner.  Recharged and hungry again, we went out for udon.


After dinner Andy headed back to his friend’s place where he was staying and I returned to my hotel room.  Tired, happy, and will a belly full of mostly unhealthy food, I went to sleep.


2 thoughts on “Birthday Trip: Day Two

  1. Happy belated birthday! I’m glad you got to visit USJ, I hear it’s amazing. And I’m glad you got your happy birthday wishes from the staff!

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