Birthday Trip: Day One

On my birthday, I went to work as per normal.  I had an idea of what to expect when I got to work, but I am still surprised by the lack of excitement that surrounds birthdays here.  I only got one unprompted happy birthday (though I tried very hard not to prompt anyone this year). Still, I knew that everyone would help me celebrate in their own way.  I got three presents: chopsticks from one of my English teachers (with a sheep on them because I’m a sheep in the Chinese zodiac), a special Pokemon keychain from the Pokemon Center, and a tin full of chocolate truffles.  Then, like the past two years, I got a cake.

IMG_2333 IMG_2335 IMG_2336

I left work around 3:15 and booked it back to my apartment.  I grabbed my suitcase, dropped my school bag and waited for my taxi. I had reserved my favorite taxi driver.  She brought me mochi as a New Years’ present and I gave her a box of chocolate cookies I had made.

I had a late evening flight and arrived at the hotel around 9pm.

The swanky room.

The swanky room.

I had a “super healthy” dinner from the vending machine before crashing.

Chicken nuggets and fries from the vending machine.

Chicken nuggets and fries from the vending machine.


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