The Bonenkai

Bonenkais, or end of the year parties, are common in Japan.  Any group you belong to might have one.  From your work, to your club, to a random group of friends.  Around the end of the year it is very difficult to find a nice-ish restaurant that is not booked up.

The beautiful handmade programs from the party.

The beautiful handmade programs from the party.

My school’s bonenkai was at the same place as last years’.  There were a couple of performances.  The two groups (myself included), reprised our cups performances from the culture festival. Except, this time, everyone one was mildly to extremely intoxicated so the fact that both groups pulled it off was even more impressive.

Two teachers also did a little comedy routine.  They did imitations of a few of the teachers and made some jokes.  I understood about half of what was being said, but that was still more than I understood last year.  The food was great, as always, and plentiful.

IMG_2242 IMG_2238


Originally I was placed at a not-so-great table, but the teachers organizing the party decided to move me early on.  I ended up having a good time and finally got to sit to one of my English teachers, which rarely happens.  I spent the evening in a mix of English and Japanese, fending off questions about whether I’m staying another year or not.  Even with the stress of the questions, I had a really fun time.


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