Omiya English Camp, Day 2

6:30 For the others we had a bright and early wake up call.  For me, it was an hour past when I normally wake up.  We had a bit of time to get dressed and get to the multipurpose room for a morning stretch.

7:15 Breakfast was a bit of a disappointment.  I had not been told to pack a breakfast, so I was left to eat as much rice as I could.  Thankfully, Beth was able to make a 7/11 run with me and Tim after the students had finished their breakfast.

8:00 The students cleaned up the rooms they had slept in and moved all of their things into a different building.  The ALTs also finished packing up and did the same.

9:45 We broke into small groups with 2 ALTs leading each group.  In each group the students presented some PowerPoints they had made on country’s they had been assigned.  They were supposed to highlight the foods and religions of their countries since the end goal was to make a bento (a packed lunch) that everyone could eat.

After the students made their presentations, we gathered around and discussed what could go in our bento.  We finished early, so while a couple of girls drew our proposed bento on a piece of paper, Jon and I played Headbands with the other students.

12:00 Lunch

12:50 All of the different groups came together and presented their proposed bentos.  Then the groups discussed which bento was the best and represented the goal the best.

15:25 Closing Ceremony

I said a somewhat sad goodbye to my students and piled back into the car to head back.


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