Hanukkah in Japan Again

With last year’s Hanukkah party success, I decide to have another Hanukkah party this year.  I assumed that, like last year, only a handful of people would be able to come.  What I did not expect, however, was that the party would swell up to 15 people (two of them under the age of 10).  There are times when I really think my apartment is too big and I should downsize to save money.  Then there are times like my parties when I am very glad for the extra room.

For the party I spent a while decorating and cooking.  I made latkes and challah.  I was planning on making sufganiyot (jelly filled doughnuts) like I did last year but I botched the dough and did not have time or supplies to try again.  In the end, it really did not matter.  We had so much food we had to get creative with finding places to put it.

Though it was kind of stressful for me after a long day of volunteering (my social currency was really depleted), I think everyone had a really good time.  Since I love hosting parties more than I like going to them, that made me incredibly happy.  I can definitely put this party down as a success.  Though, if I am here to do this again next year, I will definitely be more careful about when I schedule it.

Picture time:


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