My Health This Year

2015 has been a particularly strange year for my health.  On the one hand, 2015 Jodi is probably healthier overall than 2009-2014 editions.  I ran fairly regularly, rock climbed, did taiko, ate healthier overall, and was general more active.  I even made (and kept) a New Year’s resolution to improve my posture.  However, strangely this has been probably the worst year for my health in a while.  I have had three visits to the ER this year and more doctors appointments than I can count (the number from my ankle alone is staggering).  I’ve been through several inhalers, had fevers over 100 twice in the past two months, and gained a handful of new scars.

Things like this make can definitely impact my decision making when it comes to choosing to stay another year or not.  On the one hand, all of my medicals have been tended to incredibly cheaply.  On the other hand, the stress of not being able to tell doctors exactly what is wrong can sometimes make me want to run all the way back to the States.  (Which would be difficult, especially since I’m not allowed to run until at least Friday.)  Still, I have had lots of friends to support me and help me out while I’ve been sick or injured, the kinds of friends that would take me a while to find in the States.

I really do have a good thing going here, even if it can be stressful at times.  I have no idea what the future holds, but I am doing my best to enjoy the now, regardless of my recent health challenges.


One thought on “My Health This Year

  1. Love that last paragraph of your post. Fruit for thoughts, Jodi. If you stay home and don’t go out, perhaps you won’t need to go to the doctors. As the saying goes that the harbor maybe safe but that is not what ships are for.

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