The Return of Game Night

After the Halloween party, I hung out with Lauren for a bit before heading back home to get ready for the night’s festivities.  For the first time in far too long, I was hosting game night.  I’m not sure how many people will remember, but I used to host game nights pretty regularly, about once a month, during my first year.  I think during my second year I just got too busy and burnt out to try and organize them, but Lauren asked me to try again.  I had to cancel the event at first because I still had a high fever at the time, but I was able to reschedule and almost everyone was still able to come!

My apartment is pretty big, but there are no big spaces for people to congregate in.  We all ended up cramming into what is normally my craft room.  I think there were about eleven people total by the end of the night.  It was a really fun night and I’m already looking forward to the next one.  We played Taboo,  Cards Against Humanity, and finished off the evening with Werewolf (a variation on the party game, Mafia).

IMG_1840 IMG_1838

Proof-that-I-have-friends pictures.

Proof-that-I-have-friends pictures.

Even though people did not head out until around 1 am, I found I was still wide awake.  (Normally I’m the one kicking people out around 11 because I’m falling asleep, so I’m pretty proud of this fact.)  Thanks again to everyone who could make it out!


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