My Students’ Conversation Class

The Monday after the long festival, I had the day off (national holiday), so I got to spend most of the day relaxing and running errands.  In the evening I had been invited to attend my students’ English class Halloween party that they were hosting at their store.  Because of train times and walk times, it ended up making more sense for me to bike the 45 minutes.  I arrived sweaty and tired, but I made it.

With everyone's face blurred out.

With everyone’s face blurred out.

The student running the event had asked me a few days prior for ideas on what to do, so I had loaded up a flash drive full of videos, songs, and game ideas for her.  She loved it and the party was great.  The kids had a really good time, I think.  They made some people in their team into toilet paper mummies, played don’t-let-it-touch-the-ground with an inflatable pumpkin, played monster bingo, had a costume contest, and, of course, ate a lot of candy.

It was fun and they even got the local news to cover the event.  Overall, I’m really proud of my students for throwing such a great event.


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