Ankle Update: My Second Surgery

Just a quick update since I had my doctor’s appointment today.  I will have another surgery to have the metal in my ankle removed.  It’ll be on the afternoon of November 4th and my hospital stay will be much shorter this time.  At the very most I’m looking at 5 nights, though it could be as few as 3.  I won’t have to do physical therapy afterwards, but I’m not allowed to stress my ankle for a month.  This means no running, limited walking, and I’m not sure about riding my bike.  I’ll have to ask about that.  I can, however, push myself a little bit if I wear my brace, but even then running is going to be out of the question until the beginning of December.  I’ll just have to run a lot in the next two weeks to get myself in the best condition I can beforehand.  I’m already starting to accumulate videos for my computer and iPad, as well as other activities to keep me busy as I recover.


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