Sometimes, I Cook

It is time for another installment of the much loved and rarely updated segment: What Have I Been Eating?

In an effort to get my health back on track and gear up for being able to exercise again (as well as a money saving tactic), I have started packing my own lunch again.  For a while it was difficult for me to cook because of my ankle, but I can stand for longer periods now.  Normally I will go to the grocery store about once a week, drop around $50 /6000 yen on food, and then cook and freeze a lot of different main dishes, side dishes, and snacks.

Most of the time I make pretty simple things like stir fry, pita chips, or steamed carrots, but sometimes, if I’m feeling particularly ambitious, I will try things that are a little more complex.  Things like eggplant fries or gyoza.

Making teriyaki chicken gyoza.

Making teriyaki chicken gyoza.



Ready for pan frying.

Ready for pan frying.


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This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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