Seeing Shikoku, Pt. 2

On Sunday, we got up around 8.  Jen had to take Brandon home, so while she did that I cleened up our mess of snacks from the previous night.  Once she got back and got ready, the two of us headed to one of her elementary schools’ sports days.  Elementary school sports days are similar, but adorably different from the high school sports days I’ve had the privledge of seeing.  For one, the parents and teachers are  lot more involved in the events.  There were several races and events that were only for the parents or alumni.  While amusing, it was not nearly as adorable as when the elementary students tried to do something.  DSCN3307

Jen and I sat off to the side of the event in a shaded spot and ended up idly playing with the dirt underneath us (super mature, I know).  I wrote some things in Japanese in the dirt and the man sitting next to noticed.  He then leaned over and wrote in the dirt, “What country?”  We spoke wth him briefly after that and he was very nice.

After sports day we grabbed way too much sushi for lunch at the converyor belt sushi place in a nearby city called Ozu.  From there we hit up some of Jen’s favorite stores, including one particularly dangerous stationary store.  I say dangerous because I swear I had quite a bit more money in my wallet before we went in there.

We stopped by a few more places, but we ended up having to race to the train station.  Our next stop was a music event in a cool, old barn.  While the music was not my taste, the musicians did some interesting things and had very nice voices.  Unfortunately, despite that, I was falling asleep here I sat due to not sleeping well the night before.  After chatting with Jen’s other friends at the show, Jen and I headed back to her place.

The stage at the show.

The stage at the show.

Brandon let me borrow a futon from his apatment so I could use that instead of sleeping on Jen’s couch.  Whiile the couch is particularly comfortable, my ankle did not enjoy it.  I made  upthe futon, and crashed almost immediately.


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