Another Taiko Performance

It had been almost a year since my first taiko performance.  I celebrated in the best way possible: by performing.  This time, like the first time, we performed at a retirement home about 30-40 minutes west of Hyuga.  I got to ride in the truck, crammed between the president and the vice president.  For the most part I played with my phone while they spoke about things that I could not follow.  Occasionally they would ask for my input and most of the time I would make a vague noise that they accepted before moving on.

In addition to the retirement home`s residents, there were also a bunch of kids from what I am guessing is a local preschool.  About halfway through the performance (I only played 3 out of 7 songs) I handed my phone to one of the taiko member`s daughters and let her take pictures.  I think Riyo managed to take about a hundred pictures, but since most of them have little kids in them (like Riyo and her little sister Mei) I am not comfortable posting them here.  Here is what I can post though:


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