The North Welcomes You

The weekend after I got back from the States, there was a northern Miyazaki beach welcome party for the new ALTs.  Since I had been in the States when everyone arrived, this was my first time to meet all the new people in my city.  In fact, one of the new people was the one giving me a ride up to the party.  I was actually a little nervous about meeting them.  All three of them speak at least as much Japanese as I do and all three have lived in Japan before, so I wouldn’t be needed to give advice or anything.  It was the exact opposite of last year where all three of the new people spoke zero Japanese and only one had ever been to Japan before.

The ride up to Nobeoka was a little awkward for me as I tried to figure out my place in this new social group, but everyone is really nice and awesome.  We definitely have a good group of people in Hyuga this year.  The party was at a Sumie beach in Nobeoka.  I had been there twice before, but the last time I was still on crutches and it was raining.  I did not have fond memories of the place and I was looking forward to making new ones.

Thankfully, Mother Nature was happy to help.  The weather was beautiful. Sunny and warm without being too hot.  I was a little burnt from my trip to the States, so I had to wear my long sleeve swim shirt, but I still felt comfortable.  Really, the perfect weather.  After the beach, we all headed out to dinner.  All in all, a very nice time.


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