The Thrilling Conclusion

On Sunday it was time to head back to Hyuga.  Even when I’m trying to sleep in (when I don’t have to be anywhere for a while) I rarely manage to sleep past 7.  So, even with getting ready, packing up, and stalling, I knew it was time to head out.  I checked out and headed to my traditional breakfast place in Miyazaki, Starbucks.  After a quick breakfast, it was time to go to the station.

The train ride back was uneventful, even in my somewhat zombie-like state.  As I was walking out of Hyuga station towards the taxis, I heard my name shouted and someone running towards me.  I turned to see two of my students in their taiko t-shirts, promoting their concert that afternoon.  When a student invites you to an event like that (and you have no other plans) you can’t say no.  I promised them I would come and then climbed into a cab.

At home I dropped my bag, grabbed my wallet, and had to head back out to the grocery store.  I had almost no food in my apartment and I wasn’t going to have the time to fix that if I did not head out then.  Thankfully, the grocery store is only about 3 minutes away now that I can ride my bike again.  I bought the necessary supplies and headed back to my apartment.


I made myself a decent lunch, packed my bento for the next day with the leftovers, got changed, and headed back out.  Since my brain was operating on less than optimal capacity, I figured I didn’t need to think about sunscreen because I was only going to be in the sun for maybe half an hour.

I was very, very wrong.  The concert ended up being three hours long.  I was going to leave halfway through, but I ran into the new CIR and ended up chatting with him for the remainder of the performance. By the time I got home, I was very, very red.

The best part was that the dress I planned to wear that evening prominently displayed my delightful new burn lines.  I had nothing else that I wanted to wear and the other women I was going to be seeing that evening had specifically mentioned that they never got to see me in a skirt or dress.  So I figured it would be fine since it was going to be evening before I headed out next.

I was wrong, but I still had a good time at that evening’s women’s party.  We had a nice dinner and one of the women brought her 6 month old twins.  My favorite thing about Japanese babies is that it’s ok if I don’t speak Japanese.  I still understand how to communicate and act around them.  I am smart and have become increasingly outgoing in English, but in Japanese I am really shy, unsure, and quiet.  It was nice being able to play with the babies and feel like I was back in my element.


2 thoughts on “The Thrilling Conclusion

  1. I always wake up before 8 am on weekends even though I’d rather sleep until noon… It’s too bad about the sunburn, I hope it will go away soon! It’s nice that you got a ladies’ night out ^^

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