Time with Family

My week in Florida was way too short, for sure, but a lot of fun.  It was really nice to be away from some of the stress I had been dealing with in Japan: tsunami/ earthquake fears, social stress, stress from lack of normal social activities because of my ankle, etc.  Having family around and within really easy reach was just what I needed to feel better mentally as well as physically.


The nice view from her place.

I got to stay in my aunt’s really nice new place in downtown Tampa (I think, I’m still a little fuzzy on where the “downtown” of Tampa is).




After that, my parents arrived in Florida and all three of us spent the next night at my grandma’s.  On Saturday we all packed into our various cars and headed to New Smyrna, stopping at Downtown Disney on the way for lunch at the Rainforest Cafe.


The first massive burger of the trip. Why yes, it did have two patties. And no, despite my best efforts, I could not finish it in one sitting.


The next week was spent in a condo at the beach.

It was a great trip, but way too short.  I still felt like I had a lot that I wanted to do while I was there and I’m already looking forward to my next trip to the States.  I will mostly likely have one more trip back to some part of the States before my final move back, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to be in St. Louis or Tampa before that.

When I got back to Japan and got back into my apartment, I immediately noticed it seemed too quiet.  After eating every meal with at least three other people for the previous week, eating breakfast alone the next morning was hard.  I am readjusting, but I am definitely already looking forward to next year’s family gathering.

On the other hand, at the insistence of my cousins, I am now using an app called SnapChat so I get to see random snapshots of their lives.  While we are always close when we are together, we have never been great about communicating when we’re apart.  So, despite my initial reluctance to get the app (and figure out its use) I’m glad they asked me to get it.



2 thoughts on “Time with Family

  1. I’m glad you got to take a break with your family and recharge! I’m always wary about new apps, and SnapChat still has yet to be my favorite app. I think it must be better if you are sharing with people close to you!

  2. Hi Jody,
    It was great seeing you, you are looking great. Thank you for sharing your vacation, some great pics, almost like being there. Sending hugs, Heidi

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