Slow and Steady…


…drives a person mad. Going from running every morning to struggling to get out of bed in the morning is pretty rough. I cannot tell if I am always tired because using crutches is tiring, or because I am not getting enough exercise and therefore not sleeping well.

Getting out of the hospital is not the dream I thought it would be, but I’m surviving. I am really happy to be sleeping in my own bed again and be able to shower whenever I can, but I am seriously missing the extra support that the nurses provided. I am actually really missing the meals, which is surprising considering how rarely I could stomach them. The fact that they appeared without me having to prepare them and disappeared without me having to wash a single dish was nice enough to put up with the taste.

Everyone is being incredibly nice to me at work, though, which is good. Teachers and students alike are asking to carry my things for me when I need the help. Students are walking slowly up the stairs behind me, ready to catch me if I should fall again. (Apparently, if I don’t stare at the steps as I go up, I lose my balance. Thankfully, it only happened once and I recovered really quickly.)

This injury is also making me reconsider my furniture and wonder if it is worth replacing some things even if it’s only for one more year. I would really enjoy a normal table and chairs right about now. I would love a set that doesn’t require me lowering myself to the floor and then grabbing onto the window to haul myself back up afterwards.

The nice thing about having to use crutches (besides the awesome arms I’m going to have by the end of this) is that it is motivating me to make goals and work towards them.


Third week of June: Start working out in the morning again. (Upper body cardio.)

Last week of June: Walk without crutches, with my brace.

First week of July: Start taking walks in the morning before work.

Second week of July: Ride my bike to work.

Third week of July: Walk to work.

First week of August: Walk on the beach for twenty minutes every day and practice walking in the pool.

Second week of September: Start running again.

I’ve never had an ankle injury like this, so I am not sure if the timeline is realistic. I will have to talk to my physical therapist and see what she says. The sooner I can get off of the crutches the better. At the moment I can put a significant amount of weight on the ankle as I’m walking with the crutches. The PT had me weight bearing two days after my surgery, but I’m trying to baby my ankle when I don’t have to have my brace on.

The doctor has told me that it will be 2-3 months before everything has healed and everything online seems to say that it could be a year before I feel completely back to normal. I have another surgery in November to look forward to, but the recovery time should not be too long for that one. Maybe only a few days.

The doctor also said that I only have to have PT about once a week, but I am going to talk with my PT and see if I can up the number in hopes of speeding up recovery safely. I do a few exercises in my apartment (carefully tilting my foot up and down, curling my toes, etc) but I don’t want to push myself without a PT nearby to keep me from overdoing it.

Still, the sooner I can give my left leg a break and start splitting the work evenly, the better.


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