Daily Life in the Hospital

Though I’m home now (YAAAAY), I thought some people may be interested in what daily life was like for me in the hospital.

My bed in the hospital.

My bed in the hospital.

6:00/6:30ish Wake Up

The nurses would come into my room and wake me up (the few times I was still sleeping) between 6 and 6:30.  They would take my blood pressure and temperature and ask me about my pain.  Then they would check the swelling in my Hobbit foot and check my stitches/ staples.

7:00 Tea Time

A nurse would come around with hot green tea.

7:30 Breakfast

Breakfast was brought in around 7:30 and I had about 45 to eat before the tray was collected.  Breakfast was pretty standard Japanese fare.  Miso soup, rice, some sort of fish typically, and veggies.  Most of the time, I couldn’t stomach it first thing in the morning.  I would drink the veggie/fruit juice I got, have some of the rice, and then supplement the meal with something from my snack cache.

An example of one of the breakfasts: I got an egg instead of fish, but I'm pretty sure the egg was made of plastic.

An example of one of the breakfasts: I got an egg instead of fish, but I’m pretty sure the egg was made of plastic.

When I was receiving antibiotics via IV, the nurse would come in after breakfast and hook me up.  Sometime in the morning, my doctor would stop by and check on me.  Tomoko-san would also normally stop by sometime in the morning and check on me.

I then had the rest of the morning to stave off boredom with whatever I could.

11:00 Tea Time

Time for another mug of green tea (in the mug I had to bring from home).

11:30 Lunch

Lunch was typically the most edible meal of the day.  I could never eat all of the rice (I just didn’t have the appetite to do so, especially since I was sitting around all day).

IMG_0604 IMG_0590 IMG_0598 IMG_0563 IMG_06071:00 Visiting Hours

Visiting hours were from 1-8pm.  I had at least one person visit me every day.  Most days I had more (I have amazing friends).

2:30 Shower Time

My shower time varied from day to day.  I had to ask to be put on the shower schedule in the morning and I often did not know what time my physical therapy would be.  Thankfully, I could shower by myself and get myself there by myself in the wheelchair.  It was a little bit of much needed independence.

3:30ish Physical Therapy (Rehabilitation, as it’s called here)

I had an amazing and nice physical therapist named Hidaka.  She was really easy to chat with and I am a little sad that I’m being transferred to a PT clinic closer to my apartment.  However, I’m going to really appreciate it especially when I’m able to walk to and from sessions.  (It’s a three minute walk.)  At first the sessions were just stretching and massages, then I had to start putting weight on my foot, and trying to walk using the parallel bars.

4:45 Tea time

And yet again.

5:30ish Dinner

See lunch.

Then I had time to kill until lights out.  The nurses would come through and take my temperature and blood pressure one more time.

9:00 Lights out

The nurses teased me a bit because I actually went to bed when the lights went out instead of staying up with my personal light on.  I reminded them that I woke up around 5:30 most days.

I had the room to myself for five of the seven nights I was in the hospital, so I didn’t have to worry about waking anyone up, which was nice.  It also meant that I could keep the room at a temperature comfortable for me (except when the nurses sometimes turned it up in the middle of the night).  I basically ended up getting a single room for the cost of a double.  It was great.

Now I’m home.  The first thing I did when I got home was take an unschedule shower, it was wonderful.  I’ve got about three weeks of hard work ahead of me and two months until I make a full recovery.  Then I just need to work on getting myself in good condition to help me quickly recovery from the surgery in November to take out the plate.



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