Yup, I’m Still in the Hospital

As I write this Saturday night, I’m starting to feel the crushing boredom of being stuck in the hospital.  I have started to do exercises (besides just my PT homework) around the room, but I’m also being very careful not to push myself too hard.  I’ve found that, with the brakes on, my wheelchair is suitable for chair dips.  I’ve also been doing some crunches in bed and just about any other exercise I think I can get away with.

Thankfully, I’ve had amazing friends and co-workers come visit me over the past few days.  On Thursday, Rika-sensei (my Japanese tutor), Carlie, and Carlie’s two daughters came to visit me.  We chatted for a bit while the girls took turns trying out the wheelchair and crutches.  Later that night, right before visiting hours were over, the Vice Principal stopped by again, this time with cake.  We talked for a while before he left.  Today (Saturday), Tomoko came, as did Ian, and my supervisor.

Ian brought me a puzzle and we spent a while putting it together before he had to catch his train.  I forgot how much I enjoy puzzles and all the good memories I have associated with them.  Growing up, we always had a puzzle in progress during family gatherings.  Even if I wasn’t interested in the picture on the puzzle, I would sometimes sit around just to talk.

The finished puzzle.

The finished puzzle.

Right before Ian had to leave, my supervisor showed up, so she helped me finish the puzzle.  She also brought three classes worth of notes from my students.  I took pictures of a few of my favorites (out of the 120 of them.)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If there is one thing the students know about me, it’s that I love Pokemon.  All of the notes made me smile, laugh, and even tear up a bit.  When I get back to work on (hopefully) Thursday, I’m going to scan all of the notes so I can keep them.  I might make them into a wallpaper for my computer or something so they can pop up every so often and fill me with warm fuzzies.

A little while ago, one of my friends was in the hospital for a week.  She was talking about who all came to see her and I found myself wondering who would come to see me if I were in the hospital here.  I figured that a few of my teachers would and maybe one or two other ALTs from my city, but I never expected the number of people who have come.  I am incredibly moved and happy every time someone comes to see me.  You cannot imagine how much easier the rest of my hospital stay is when I know I have visitors to look forward to in the afternoon.


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