Home in Hyuga

On Thursday morning we took the bus from Kumamoto back to Miyazaki.



We had, of course, just missed the train to Hyuga, so we hung out in the station for a bit.  Ellen and Diana got themselves some mango gelato (Miyazaki is famous for mangos, among other things) and we relaxed.

After a short train ride, I finally got to show them my city.  I love being a host/ tour guide, so I was super excited to show them around.  We walked to the beach and stopped at a cafe along the way.  Unfortunately, at the beach I started to feel kind of sick. (I may have just been exhaustion from the trip hitting me now that I was “home”.)  So we headed back.  On the way back we stopped by Daiso and had an early dinner at Hamazushi.  After that, we went to my apartment and just hung out for a bit, playing Cards Against Humanity and just relaxing.

The next day I had work, so we all walked to the station around 7:30.  I hung out with Ellen and Diana by the station as long as I could before I had to head to work and they went on to Oita without me.


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