It’s been a little while since I’ve done a food post, so I thought that might be a nice change.  I have been trying really hard to make rice-free bentos lately.  It started with making Passover bentos and now I’ve been trying to continue it in effort to lower my carb intake.  Anyway, here are the pictures:


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I’m trying to work on making my bentos fit more of the actual bento mentality: a lot of little servings of things.  The problem is, I have to make sure that my bento is jam-packed so that I a) am not hungry two hours later and b) things don’t move around too much in transit.  Once I master my lunch, maybe I can finally solve the mystery of why I am starving by 9 or 10 every day (after eating breakfast around 6).


5 thoughts on “Bentos

  1. Your bento look delicious! I always have trouble coming up with unique, relatively easy ideas to bring variation into my lunch. I also have trouble sometimes making sure to pack enough so that I don’t get hungry too quickly.

    • I’ve found that I have to sit down and actually write a schedule for the week if I want to make sure I have some variety. Otherwise I default to the same three easiest to make recipes. Thankfully, I love most veggies, so I just grab whatever I can find/ whatever is cheap.

    • If quinoa was something I could easily find here, I would be all for that. It actually keeps me pretty full until I get home, but I’m ready for dinner by 5/5:30ish.

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