The Presentations

During my time in St. Louis I had the privilege of presenting to two different groups.  The first presentation was at a private Jewish middle school where I had giving a similar presentation last year.  The kids all seemed interested and a few of them seemed particularly unable to comprehend my students’ dress code.  The second presentation was at my mom’s office.

I was amazed by the number of people who showed up.  Yes, my mom is a very good promoter, but the people who came were genuinely interested in hearing about my life in Japan.  I gave an overview of my school during both presentations, but I focused on different cultural aspects.

I went over a lot of pop culture with the kids.  I played some song samples from popular groups and showed a few video clips of popular shows.  For the other presentation I gave a more analytical presentation.  I had forgotten how nice it can be to speak for an audience that actually understands me.  I was able to dust off my academic vocabulary and make my normal sarcastic jokes.

For someone who does not like being the center of attention, I do like being in the role of lecturer.  I really enjoy public speaking, something I inherited from both parents.  While I get some of that experience teaching in class, it is very different from speaking to a group of English speakers.

I hope that I have a chance to do some form of public speaking in the future.  One more clue towards solving whatever I want my next job to be.  Thankfully, I still have about a year to figure out that mystery.


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