And Off Again

The next day I headed back to the airport.  About 12 hours after landing St. Louis, it was time for me to head to Michigan to see my sister.  Despite the quick turnaround, I made sure to grab a burger on my way out.  It was my first taste of really American food in a while.

A delicious turkey burger.  I've missed turkey.

A delicious turkey burger. I’ve missed turkey.


















































I headed to Chicago for the second time in as many days.  That was a strange experience for me: to be in Chicago airport two days in a row.  Still, it was worth it.  I got to Detroit airport and headed for the busses.  I spent an uncomfortably long time smooshed against the bus window because the guy next to me was spreading out a bit more than he should be.  Still, once I arrived in East Lansing I finally got to see my sister!

The visit was really great.  I got to see the building where my brother in law, Brian, works.  I also got a little tour of his part of campus.

His building is really cool looking.

His building is really cool looking.

On his campus there is a student run dairy shop that sells, primarily, student made ice cream.  Apparently this is just something you do you when anyone visits campus: you take them to the dairy shop.  Unfortunately, when we went the shop was closed.  It was too early or something.  While I was disappointed because I could tell Lissa (my sister, Melissa) and Brian wanted to share that experience, as someone who is allergic to milk, I was ok skipping it.  We had plenty of fun even without that.

Since it was Pi day, we celebrated by going to a pie shop and picking something up for dessert.
















Lissa invited a few of her friends over and I got to hang out and get to now part of her group.  They were all really interesting and intelligent people.  I can definitely see why she and Brian like them.  After that we just hung out.

The next day, Liss and I had some sister bonding time.  We headed to the mall (completely forgetting that stores don’t open for a while on Sundays).  The only thing that was open was a photobooth which I forced my sister into.  While they are not nearly as cool or technologically advanced as the ones in Japan, it was amusing all the same.  I’ll post the pictures we took at some point.

After making her do that with me, we headed to lunch where we got the most American appetizer we could.

Nothing says America quite like fried cheese.

Nothing says America quite like fried cheese.
















After that it was unfortunately time to head to the airport.  Thankfully, Liss had time to drive me to Detroit instead of me having to take the bus.  This gave us even more time to talk, something I was grateful for.  With our schedules it is nearly impossible for us to find time to talk when I’m in Japan.

Liss dropped me off at the airport and with one final hug, I was on my way back to St. Louis.


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