Women’s Dinner

On Saturday, after getting way too little sleep, I checked out of my hotel room and Manu and I carried the party supplies down to her car.  We had about two hours to kill before we were supposed to attend a MAJET board meeting.  So, naturally, we headed to the bookstore.  While we were hanging out in the video game section, we ran into another JET and hung out together.  We then headed down to the coffee shop where we ran into yet another ALT/friend.

The four of us hung out in the coffee shop (distracting Rachel from the math she was studying when we ran into her at the coffee shop) and playing video games.  About 30 minutes later, two more ALTs wandered by before getting sucked into our gaming/ hang out group.

It was a really nice way to spend the morning, honestly.  The meeting ended up being canceled since our president was sick, but that meant I got to spend another thirty minutes or so hanging out with everyone.  After that, Manu drove me to the train station.  Energized by all the things I had learned at the Skills Development Conference, I headed to Daiso (our dollar store) to stock up on a few supplies.

I then caught the train and biked home from the station.  In an effort to stay awake, I spent the little time I had at home making erasers for the whiteboards I got at Daiso.


Around 6:50, one of the members of the women’s group of my taiko club picked me up for our special women’s dinner.  There were eight of us in total, only two with any degree of real English.  Though the level and speed of Japanese was overwhelming for my sleep addled brain at times, it was still a lot of fun.  I felt more like part of the group than I ever had, which made me super happy.

It was about 10:30 before I got home and went immediately to bed.  I had an early day to look forward to on Sunday.


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