New Year!

Goodbye the year of the horse.  Hello the year of the sheep!

On Wednesday I headed into the city to see the new Hobbit movie with Chris and Cassie.  We found the one subtitled showing at the Miyazaki Cinema.  Though we barely made it to the movie in time, the awesomeness of Japanese cinemas saved us.  I don’t know if it’s most theaters here (it may be) but at the Miyazaki movie theater you get assigned seats.  It saves you the trouble of having to fight for a group of seats together and you don’t have to worry about getting there super early.  After the movie and hanging out at the mall a bit, we headed out.

For New Years my friends Julian and Larissa invited people (the few of us who stayed in town over the break) to their place for a New Years’ party.  We grilled, played Cards Against Humanity, and had a generally awesome time.  And though I am currently dealing with what I have dubbed, “Allergy Hangover” after spending 12 hours with their cat, it was worth it.

I got to hang out with some people that I don’t get to often see and had some amazing food.  The fact that I didn’t manage to take any pictures is a testament to how much fun I was having.  I did not even have time to grab my phone.

2015 is looking good so far.


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