Christmas Saturday

Like for Halloween in October, I pulled another volunteering double-header.  In the morning, I volunteered at my friend Misaki’s conversation class’s Christmas party.  I dressed up as Mrs. Claus and helped out with games and crafts.  The kids seemed to be having a really good time, so I hoped they had fun.

Then Misaki graciously offered to drive me to my next gig.  It was on to Nobeoka for volunteering at the library.  I read a bunch of Christmas books and sang a few songs, but I was so burned out from the previous few days that the whole thing is kind of a hazy.  (I almost fell asleep standing off to the side of the room a few times during the day.)

After the reading thing, my friend John and I headed to the mall to look for holiday presents.  I participated in a massive online secret Santa through a website called Imgur, so I had to pick up things for my match.  The information I got on my match said that she liked cooking, learning about new languages and cultures, and sports.  So I got her a kitchen towel covered in Daruma dolls, a calendar with pictures of Mt. Fuji and covered in kanji, a tenugui, and a small kendama toy.  Included with each item was a small information card that I wrote explaining the cultural significance of each thing.

Though the present hasn’t arrived yet, I’m looking forward to my giftee’s reaction.  I hope she enjoys it and I’m glad I participated in the project.


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