Dad’s Visit, Kyoto Day 2

Our second day in Kyoto was the first and only day that I wasn’t the tour guide.  I had booked the tour earlier in the month since a bus tour is one of the best ways to see a lot of Kyoto’s top sites in a short amount of time.  We got to see most of the places I wanted to visit last time I was there but did not have time to see.  Here are all the pictures!

Because it was Thanksgiving, we went in search of TGI Fridays.  After riding a few trains and finally arriving where we thought the restaurant was (where the internet told me it was), only to find that it had closed down and been replaced by a Japanese restaurant.  Thankfully, there was a pizza place near by and we decided on that.

We were almost done with our meal when another foreign couple came in.  They were seated near us and after a bit we noticed they were having trouble communicating with the wait staff.  Dad offered my translating services and we found out that they were trying to ask what the wait staff kept saying.  I tried to explain what they normally say, but I was having some trouble understanding them as well.  I figured that I was just tired from the long day and that’s what was happening.

It wasn’t until we were paying at the front that I realized: they were speaking Japanese-Italian.

It was a good but busy day.


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