Dawn’s Visit

(A lot of people had trouble say the hard A sound in my dad’s nickname, so it came out as “Dawn” half of the time.)

The next day we made sure to get to Osaka castle as soon as it opened in the hopes that most people would be back to work and/ or driven away by the rain. For the first 10 minutes we had the castle to ourselves. It was really nice after spending most of the previous day dealing with crowds.

I like Osaka castle, but my favorite is still Kumamoto castle. I think my dad was a little disappointed, by how few swords and sets of armor were displayed. Hopefully we can find some more castles in Tokyo. (I’m writing this post from the bullet train to Tokyo from Kyoto.)

After we were finished with the castle, we decided to head to Universal Studios for the day. It was fun, even if it was crowded. Still, nothing compares to the park when I went during their Halloween event. We rode a few rides that I didn’t have the chance to ride when I was there previously. We had finally gotten to the sitting down part of the Terminator ride when something went wrong.

The actors had all gotten off the stage when the lights came up. It was a little spooky sitting there in the theatre with the terminator robots looming over us while we waited to see what was going on. Eventually (while I was struggling to figure out what the announcements were saying) they ushered us all out of the theatre. The best part was that they gave us free fast pass tickets for our trouble. (We shortly found out that the tickets were only good for one ride, but it was still nice.)

We got to zip past the two hour line for the Amazing Spiderman ride as a result. After exploring Harry Potter world for a bit (which was somehow more crowded than when I was there last month), we decided to call it a day.

We had a quick and filling dinner of curry at one of the buildings near our hotel and called it an early night.


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