Tou-chan’s Visit

On Sunday morning we got up bright and early and headed to the train station. I had called and reserved a taxi the day before (all in Japanese. It’s an accomplishment for me since I sometimes have trouble making phone calls in English, let alone in Japanese.) We actually managed to get on our train without seeing more than two or three of my students. An impressive feat in and of itself.

The check-in and flight were uneventful. Once we got to Osaka, my dad began to see just how tightly packed a Japanese city could be. We headed to our hotel and dropped off our luggage, even though it was too early to officially check in. One of my favorite things about Japanese hotels is that you can almost always leave your luggage at the front desk for free (that means no tipping either). We actually only had about an hour or two to kill, so we set out to look for food.

I felt a little bit bad since we ended up eating Subway, so my dad wasn’t getting a bunch of Japanese food. Still, by the end of the Osaka leg of the journey, he had plenty of Japanese food. After eating it was time to head back. We checked into our room and got our first good view of the castle:


We decided to head over to the castle since we only had the afternoon to kill and it was on the top of my dad’s list of things to see. We got there and it was incredibly crowded. Apparently this year is the 400th anniversary of the war than united Japan. Or something like that. After wandering around a bit more, we did…something, but neither my dad nor I can remember what. In fact, there is also a hole in our photos, so neither one of us is entirely sure what we did. We’ll probably remember later, so I’ll update when we do.

That night we decided rather than wandering around and trying to find some food, we needed a break, so (on my dad’s suggestion) we got room service.

After we ate, we decided to watch a movie on my dad’s iPad, but since we both have trouble hearing sometimes, we decided we needed a way to amplify the sound. Lo and behold, the BottleBooster was born:



I had seen similar “life hacks” on the internet, but it was the first time I had ever tried it. It actually worked out pretty well and we ended up doing it every other time we watched something.


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