Jodi Papa Visits

I’ve decided that every post I make about my dad’s visit is going to be titled something that he has been called.  The last post was “otousan” which is a respectful way to say dad.  Jodi-Papa (said as one word) is what the members of my taiko group have been calling him.

On Thursday I went to the airport to pick up my dad.


I may have taken a creeper shot of him while I waited for him to get out of the baggage area.



After we met up and hugged a lot (ignoring Japanese culture because, darn it, my dad was there and I could not have cared less) we took the taxi to Miyazaki station for my dad’s first meal in Japan: KFC.  After a quick/ late dinner, we got on the train and headed back to Hyuga.  We both crashed soon after returning home.

On Friday, I took my dad to work with me.  From the reactions he got, you would think that my dad was a rockstar or something.  All of the students just stopped and stared (jaws dropped slightly) as he walked by.  Several of the students thought he was my boyfriend and could not believe me when I said he was my father.  Just the students’ reactions to him have made the trip worthwhile.  (Among all the other awesome things about him being here, but seriously, those reactions alone could make the trip awesome for me.)  He came to two of my classes with me and I think he really enjoyed seeing my teach. I think he also finally understood the low level of my students.

Everyone was incredibly nice and welcoming at work.  In fact, English teachers had even made a welcome sign for my dad and got him a present.


I hold (or attempt to hold) an English lunch every Friday, so this week we had my dad as a special guest.  A bunch of people came specifically for a chance to eat lunch with my dad.  They all oohed and aahhed over his ability to use chopsticks.  In fact, right after complimenting him, one of the students promptly dropped one of her chopsticks.  It was a really fun time for me to watch my students interacting with him.

I took the afternoon off, so we went back to my place and got the bike I had borrowed.  We then rode to a shrine and the beach.  I definitely got my exercise in for the day.  We headed back to the school around 4 so I could show my dad some of the club activities.  He really wanted to see the Japanese archery, so we stopped by the shooting area.  After that, we went to see the rock band practice.  That’s when this happened:

(Apparently using the "remove blemish" feature of iPhoto to blur out a student's face can result in the student missing their head.)

(Apparently using the “remove blemish” feature of iPhoto to blur out a student’s face can result in the student missing their head.)

I wish I could show you the video and as soon as I figure out how to blur out faces in a video, I will.  They played Deep Purple’s, “Smoke on the Water.”  After the kids all clapped and talked about how cool he was.  Everyone seems to love him.

After work, one of the members of my conversation club picked us up for dinner.  We had a wonderful dinner with the ladies from my conversation club.  I translated more than I ever have (with varying degrees of success, but overall I did a decent job).  It was a really good day.

I’m sure there are a lot of details that I’m forgetting that my dad will remind me to put in, so I’ll add some more comments later when I have time.  We leave for Osaka tomorrow (on Sunday), so posts may be sporadic for the next week or so.


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