Otousan’s Visit

My dad arrives today!  At the beginning of the month I worked at the Miyazaki high school debate contest.  Because I worked at an official event on a Saturday, I got something called substitute holiday.  Substitute holiday is an extra vacation day, so I chose to take mine today.  I have spent the day cleaning my apartment, running errands, and going to pick up Lauren’s bike (which she has graciously let me borrow so my dad and I can bike around).  In about an hour I will head to the train station and get to the airport before my dad has actually left Tokyo.  (It was the only cheap train that would get me there on time.)

Tomorrow we are heading to my office.  I’ve already gotten clearance from the principal, vice principal, and the head of the office.  I have two classes that my dad can observe and then Friday’s are English lunch days.  Normally there are only about two kids who come to English lunch, but a lot of people have said they are very excited to come this week and meet my dad.  (We will see how many of them remember.)

I have taken the afternoon off to bike around Hyuga with my dad.  I was planning on not going back to work, but K-chan, my speech student, asked me to come in and practice with her one more time before I go on my vacation.  So either my dad and I will head back to work or he’ll head back to my place and I will go by myself.

On Friday night we are having dinner with my adult conversation group.  Everyone seems really excited to meet him and I am so excited to introduce him to everyone.  I’ve even been practicing introducing him in Japanese because I will have to do that tomorrow morning at the morning meeting.  I can’t wait!


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