Osaka, Day 3

On day three I headed to Osaka station to meet with my friend Aimi for an awesome day at Japan’s Universal Studios.

Harry Potter world was fun, but probably the coolest thing (for me) was hearing the actress playing one of the students visiting for the Triwizard Tournament switching from British English to incredibly smooth Japanese.  I mean, I’m sure she spent a lot of time practicing it, but it still made me go, “Wow, I now officially want to know enough Japanese to work at USJ.”  Not that I want to work at USJ, but I think it’s a good level to aim for.

The day was a lot of fun, but ended with something not so fun: on the train back from USJ, I received an alert that my plane had been canceled.  I will admit that I said some unlady-like things when I found out, but Aimi was incredibly helpful and supportive.  While I was trying not to have a freak out (even though I had known my flight might have been cancelled due to the typhoon), she kept saying, “Tell me how I can help.”  She was great.  She helped me call the airlines, helped me figure out some hotels, and helped me focus on other things, like dinner.


At dinner I asked one of the servers for more water.  He responded with a smile and, in Japanese, said, “Oh!  I’m a exchange student here too.”

I was so caught off guard that the only thing I managed to say was, “Oh, I’m not an exchange student.  I’m a teacher.”  Not, “That’s so cool.” Or, “Please keep up the good work.”  Nope.  Just, “I’m not an exchange student.”  Thankfully, Aimi saved the day and said basically, “You can do it!” I told him the same once we were finished with dinner and I had recovered some of my wits.

And with that, it was time to head back to my hotel room and ready myself for the adventure of trying to get back to Miyazaki.



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