Osaka Trip, Day 1ish

While I didn’t leave for Osaka until the 10th, my trip really began on the 9th.  After work I headed home as quickly as I could, showered, changed, and grabbed my bag (after checking that all windows were completely closed and locked in case the incoming typhoon was as bad as predicted).  I then walked to the train station as it started to pour and realized that I really, really need to get a bigger umbrella.  Thankfully, my amazing backpack seems to be pretty water resistant, so all the important things (read: omiyage/ gifts for people I was visiting) would stay dry.

I then headed into the station and of course ran into some of my students (I run into students there at least every other time I go to the station) who asked for a picture with me.  Since I don’t like to share pictures of my students, you’ll just have to trust me that the pictures that were taken where epic.  One of the students in the picture always asks me to get a picture with her when she sees I have a camera or my phone on me.  Though she was not a particularly motivated student when I taught her as a 2nd year last year, she likes me a lot and she’s a good kid overall.  (Though more than once she tried to distract me while I was trying to get her to do her worksheet.)  Whether or not I like her seems to be incredibly important to her, so I make a point of saying hi and showing her that I remember her name.

Anyway, she demanded a picture.

And then another one.  When I said, “Seriously?  Another one?” Her response was basically, “I’m graduating soon! (In another six months.)

After that, I got on the train and headed to Miyazaki where the awesome, amazing, stupendous, and incredible (he’ll deserve all these titles even more so by the end of my tale) Dave picked me up.  He let me crash with him and even was nice enough to drive me to the airport the next morning.

I had an early flight on Friday and I wanted to get their even earlier, just in case.  Little did I know that the airport wasn’t even open yet.  I had to join the line of people outside the airport and wait for about 20 minutes before the doors opened.  Since I didn’t have to check in, I headed straight for security…only to find it closed as well.


Fifteen minutes later, after it had finally opened, I was inside and chilling at one of the charging spots.  I didn’t have to wait long for my flight and the flight itself was uneventful.

Once I got to the train station, I found a cafe and waited for my friend, Chihiro.  Chihiro was an exchange student at my university during the fall semester of my junior year.  I did not know her very well and mostly remembered her as a very quiet, but nice person.  I was happily surprised when she messaged me a few days before I went to Osaka to ask if I had time to get coffee.

Hanging out with her was so much fun.  We have both changed a lot in the three short years since we last saw each other and I really hope I don’t have to wait another three years before I get to hang out with her again.



After Chihiro had to leave to catch a flight, I went to my hotel and checked in.  At least, I tried to.  It was still too early for my room to be ready, so I checked in and paid, then left my backpack with the front desk (all communication took place in Japanese).  I headed back to the train station to wait for Cherri and ended up wandering around the area surrounding the station.  Once Cherri arrived, we headed back to my hotel together to move my things into my hotel room.  From there we went to the Pokemon center and spent the afternoon/evening exploring Osaka (with Cherri being an epic tour guide).

Outback Steakhouse: a taste of America in Japan.

Outback Steakhouse: a taste of America in Japan.

Outside of an awesome pinball arcade Cherri showed me.

Outside of an awesome pinball arcade Cherri showed me.

The famous Glico man is under contruction.

The famous Glico man is under contruction.

It's not a trip without at least one Purikura.

It’s not a trip without at least one Purikura.



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