Ehime, Part 2

Day two of my Ehime trip was somewhat limited due to the encroaching typhoon.  All trains had been stopped and the weather conditions were getting worse by the hour.  I am actually having trouble remembering what all we did.  I know the day ended with four of us at Jen’s place, watching “Maleficent.”  After the movie was done, we were hanging around and Jen mentioned she wanted to jam on the guitar.  I like listening to people play music and always admire people who have those skills, so it was pretty nice to just listen.

But then Jen asked me to play the bass part for the song.  The conversation went something like this:

Jen: “Just come and play the bass part for this.”

Me: “Ok, I can try, but remember, I don’t know how to play the guitar.”

Jen: “It’s just 7-3-2-0, 6-7-8, 0-2-3.  Got it?”

Me: “I think, but I really have never seriously played guitar before.”

Jen: “Ok, let’s try with the music.”

And that’s the story of how I started learning to play the guitar.  If I can find a cheap secondhand guitar somewhere, I am thinking about trying to seriously learn how to play.  (I had a brief period in college / high school when I would try to learn, teach myself a few chords, and then get distracted.)  Maybe if I’m investing my own money in it, it’ll motivate me a bit more.

The next day, the trains still weren’t running, so we had to adjust our plans a bit.  We headed to Ozu, a bigger city about 45 minutes from where Jen lives.  Ozu was really cool.  There’s a castle and a really pretty garden that we visited.

Now, pictures:



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