Updates and Things

I feel I should update since it’s been three days since my last post.  I’m trying to remain fairly consistent, but the problem is, there really isn’t much to talk about while the students are on summer vacation.  Doing nothing much beyond sitting at my desk and occasionally coaching the speech contest students is doing nothing for my homesickness.  I can get up and walk around, but I can only do so many laps around the school before I start weirding everyone out a bit.

Random updates and mildly interesting things:

  • I realized that my eyes have got darker since moving here.  They might technically still be hazel, but they are mostly just brown.
  • I’ve started working a lot in the morning before work to compensate for the fact that I sit at my desk almost all day.
  • If the weather holds out, I am visiting Jennifer tomorrow.  But, there is a typhoon coming that might make it impossible to get to her.  If the typhoon is too strong, the ferry won’t run and the train that I need to take to the ferry won’t run either.  But if the typhoon does ruin my current plans, my backup plan is to go on Sunday and stay until Thursday.
  • I have been thinking a lot (A LOOOOOT) about when I’ll get to go home next.  I want to go home during winter break, but I don’t think that will work out.  But if I don’t go then, I won’t have a chance until late April-early May, when I was planning on trying to see Mariah in Poland.
  • The new JETs have officially arrived in Hyuga/ Kadogawa.  I haven’t had a chance to meet them yet, but I’m really looking forward to it!
  • The welcome party for the new JETs is coming up in a few weeks.  It’ll be a great chance to meet the newbies from across the prefecture and reconnect with the other JETs who live too far south to see regularly.

And now, have a picture of a sunrise:IMG_2665


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