Comic Strips By My Students

“Fill in the blank comic strip” is a pretty common activity for foreign language teachers.  After seeing a couple of posts about it from other ALTs and needing a filler activity, I decided to give it a go.  The first problem was finding a few strips that had enough going on without looking too busy.  After that it was pretty easy for me to take out the text and slap them on a worksheet.  I did the activity with a 1st year class and then bribed them with special Peanuts stickers if they did the whole thing in English.  (They were given the option of doing 2 out of 3 strips in Japanese, as long as they did one in English.  Not great for an English class, I know, but I guess I need to start low with the whole “being creative in class” thing.)

The following were written (with varying degrees of effort) by one first year class.  I’ll add captions where needed.

comic9Pearls Before Swine: “Hello.  Nice to me you (should be meet).”  “Nice to me you too.”  “What are you doing?” “I’m play soccer.”  “Oh. My ger (G-d).”

Peanuts: “So…” “What’s up?” “I’m busy.” “Don’t hair.”  “Mee to.”


Garfield: “Exques me.”  “Where is my crazy brother”  “Back! Back!”

Peanuts: “Are you skinhed” “No I’m not.” “How about you” “You look skinhed” “that’s right”


Garfield: “Who are you?” “I don’t like you.” “Why?”

Pearls: “Can you fly?” “No I can’t.” “I want to fly.” “You are baka (stupid/ an idiot)” “Why?”

Peanuts: “I am sad.” “Why?” “I have four hand.” “And. I don’t hair.” “Me too.”


(I think this one is pretty easy to read.  Note, restrean = restaurant.)


(This student was just writing the absolute minimum required to get a special sticker.)comic4

(This is the best one from the class.)comic3 comic2 comic12 comic11 comic10

(I have no idea what most of this says, but I do know that “clesy” should be “crazy.”)





The special Peanuts stickers a lot more motivating than I expected.  One student tried to steal an extra sticker on three separate occasions.  Next goal: find some Frozen stickers.



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