A Brief Sampo

Last Saturday, Beth organized an awesome lunch and walk.  First we all met at this Italian restaurant in Hyuga that overlooks the sea.  Unfortunately, I only got a shot from the parking lot, but it was still pretty.


After lunch, we all hopped back into our cars (or the cars we were bumming rides in, respectively).  Beth was nice enough to drive me and since Beth knew where the walking path was, we were going to lead the way.  We were almost out of the parking lot when Sinead showed up behind the car, waving for us to come back.  It turns out that her car’s battery died.  Sinead has a small car, called a kei car, and so it doesn’t take too much to drain the battery.

Luckily, she and Ian were complete pros at jumping cars.  It turned out to be a good lesson for me.  I just hope I can remember and replicate what they did if and when the time comes to jump a car in the future.

Finally we were on the road.  It only took a few minutes from the restaurant to the start of the trail.  It was maybe a two minute walk from parking the cars until we reached the spot that Beth wanted to show us.

There was a beautiful pool that I didn’t really get a picture of because I was too busy hanging out with everyone, but as soon as someone else posts it, I’ll make sure to “borrow” it for you all.

Part of the pool

Part of the pool

IMG_2115 IMG_2119 IMG_2114

The weather was absolutely perfect for a day like this.  I can’t wait until it’s a little warmer so I can go swimming at the beach.


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