When Things Break…Some more

After my move to my new apartment I noticed that something was a little off with my fridge.  The freezer was definitely still working, but the fridge part was.  I asked for help getting someone to fix it, but like everything else in my apartment (apparently) it was too old for anyone to have the right parts.  So my only option was to get a new fridge.

With my supervisor, we headed back to Yamada Denki (thank goodness I have a point card.  It’s saved me a ridiculous amount already) and found one that was within my price range and the size I needed.

Thankfully, before I returned from my trip to the US, my grandma on my dad’s size had given me some money for a new couch.  I’m very happy I held off and didn’t buy the couch right away.  I can live without a couch.  I can’t live without a fridge.  It was a lifesaver in what is a tight month budget-wise.

Isn't it beautiful?

Isn’t it beautiful?

The whole delivery process went fairly smoothly.  The delivery guys did call me and tell me that it was scheduled for delivery at 11 am on a Thursday.  I managed to explain to them that that wouldn’t work as I have a job.  I gave them a better time frame.  They called me back later and said everything was sorted.  They would deliver it after work.  That’s the most proud I think I’ve ever been of my Japanese.  I was able to politely explain that I needed them to deliver at another time and it completely worked.

Japanese win.


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