On Friday the 14th I flew to Florida and was met at the airport by my cousin Jason and his friend.  My aunt and cousins (and the friend) had just gotten back from a ski trip in Denver.  Our flights were timed almost perfectly so that we got to the airport at the same time.  While Aunt Jo and my other cousin, Adam, went to pick up the car, I hung out with the other two boys and just chatted.  Once Aunt Jo and Adam showed up with the car, we headed over to Grandma’s.  (I think.  It’s been a few weeks and my memory is a little fuzzy.  But I know the gist of what happened.)

We had a great dinner of pizza and salad and gluten free cookies.  And it was wonderful to just hang out and be with my family.  Unfortunately it was a rather short, given how much I was trying to cram into my short trip to the States, but I’m glad I made time in my schedule to get out to Florida.

A few of the highlights included:

Awesome Thai food.

A really pretty Thai temple

Spending quality time with my cousins

Seriously though, we got to hang out and it was awesome

And lots of family time that I was too busy enjoying to snap a picture during.


I’m glad I got to see everyone and I hope that I can visit Florida again next time I visit the US.


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